A large part of our work solves our clients’ challenges
through our professional services.

Computer & IT Services

We offer professional Computer Repair & IT services with over 23 years experience. We repair PCs, Macs, Tablets, Computer Accessories and more. We clean your computer like new with Virus, Malware, Adware and other malicious software removal and OS / Software Repairs. We offer professional networking services including network installation / setup, cabling / wiring, mounting equipment and more. We perform service/house calls anytime of the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Web Development & Graphic Design

We offer professional Website Design / Development and Graphic Design services. We have over 15 years experience in this field and can design any type/style/format/size website you need. Anything from a simple basic one page website to multiple pages with membership and e-commerce features and various features, we can handle it. Our websites are Search Engine Optimized and 100% mobile friendly. They use all the latest technology and are compatible with a large variety of web browsers.

Social Media Marketing & Web marketing

We offer professional Social Media & Web Marketing. With our Social Media & Web Marketing techniques and strategies we can get your website / brand / company worldwide exposure. We can share your website / brand / company to over 15,000 potential customers everyday with our social media marketing package. With our Search Engine Optimization & Web Marketing techniques your  website / brand / company will show up in top ranking searches all over the world.

See some more of our services below:

Computer / Mac / Tablets & Phone Repairs

We can repair any device you have including PCs, Macs, Tablets, Phones & much more. We have over 24 years experience in the IT / Technology field and this translates to know how & quality services.

Virus / Malware / Adware Removal

Computer running slow or acting strange? Maybe its a virus or malware or some other malicious software. Get your PC / Device cleaned thoroughly and working like new again!

Website & Graphic Design

We offer professional Website & Graphic Design. We can create any type/style/format website you like and make sure it matches your brand. Our websites load quickly and are quality coded. They are fully SEO ready and compatible with all browsers.

Social Media/Web Marketing

Want your business or it’s website to get more exposure to generate more business? Then social media or web marketing is your best option. We use the tools to get your business or website maximum exposure in the market.

Information Technology Services

We offer Information Technology Services for companies big and small ranging from Server Setup / Upgrades / Maintenance to Advanced Networking. We also provide cabling services from repairing old cabling to running new ones, setting up switches, routers, modems, racks and more.

Software Installs, Upgrades & Repairs

We offer Software Installation / Setup, Upgrades, Repairs, backup & Restoration. We can find and install any software you need for a lot less than buying it retail. We can setup remote databases and remote software for all your remote needs.

Security Systems Installations

We can setup your security system for your house or business or anywhere you like. Anything from low quality to high definition systems. If you need to maneuver your cameras around we have systems like that too, just sit back and view surrounding areas and zoom in to get a better look. Your video will be recorded on large storage DVRs and can even be accessed remotely.

Hosting & Custom Emails

If you just need Website or Email Hosting we can do that too. Say you have your website already built on your local computer and need an online host to host it. We can host your website for you and you can pay for it monthly, quarterly or yearly. We can also setup email hosting for you with custom emails like you@yourcompany.com.


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